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News Statistics: How Can It Be of Help to the Reader?


This is a good question to ask for those of you who do not have any idea about what news statistics is. By definition, this is a tool included in a news search engine whose main purpose is to inform you about the number of readers that come and visit the site from time to time. Apart from this, here is how it can be of help to you as a reader.

First – It provides a chart (as well as an explanation to what is included in this chart).

Charts are graphical representations that you will not totally appreciate unless an explanation comes with it. There are news sites that offer only a chart in their database but there are also those that offer complete information about what is indicated in the chart. The explanation would include total number of visitors for the site for a certain period of time, say one month. The minimum and maximum number of readers for specific dates within that time frame is also included. It may also inform you about the average number of times the news site is visited per day for that period.

Second – It gives you the chance to compare the news categories in that site.

News search engines often categorize their topics according to people’s interests. Business, lifestyle, education, sports, technology and politics are among the most popular ones. Using news statistics, you will be able to compare which among these categories are most visited by other visitors of the site.

Third – It gives you an idea of an interesting category where you can read news from.

More often than not, you know what you would want to read from a news site. However, it will also be a good idea if you will look into what other readers are interested about. This would be of great help if you want to start local discussions. You can do this by using news statistics provided in the site.

These things present how news statistics can be of great help to you. If it is your first time to browse into a certain site and you want to make sure that others appreciate the news content loaded therein, then you can use this tool to assess if visiting the site to gather news will be well worth it.

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