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Universal bathroom design: maximum accessibility for everyone



Universal bathroom design is quickly becoming the design of choice for homeowners looking to build a new home or renovate an older bathroom space. What is universal bathroom design? Simply put, a design that is universally accessible to everyone in the household, regardless of disability. This may seem like a complicated task to accomplish, but today’s home designers are increasingly advocating these design elements for their bathrooms for several reasons.

more practical

First, it is more practical to build a house that anyone can use easily than one for a small population. In fact, the entire population. We are aging, and in the years to come there will be more senior and disabled housing residents than ever before.

Also, when the time comes, it is more financially easier for homeowners to build a home that is already equipped to meet common disability needs than to completely remodel a urinal bathroom. For those who currently need to remodel their bathroom for the disabled, choosing a universal bathroom design makes sense. This is because bathrooms often need to be accessible to everyone in the home, not just users with disabilities. Universal design principles are suitable for everyone in the home.

home value increase

Second, another very good reason homeowners choose this particular bathroom design is the bump in home value it offers. If you need to renovate a bathroom in your home for someone with a disability, you will find that your home value goes up. For those building a new home complete with a universal bathroom design as a whole, the value of the home is immediately greater than a similar home without universal design elements in the bathroom space.

plan for the future

Thirdly, the design allows future life changes for those who plan to live in their homes for a very long time. For older homeowners, this is a plus as the universal design offers a more spacious bathroom with a wider entryway, open shower, accessible bathtub area, and a floor that can be easily moved by a wheelchair if needed.

When it comes to choosing a universal bathroom design, the aesthetics are still pleasing as a lot of effort has been put into creating a look that is inviting and pleasing rather than institutional. Made from universal elements, today’s bathrooms are designed to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of physical condition.

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