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News blogging is on the rise today. This is mostly contributed to the rapid spread of information on the internet. Here, we focus upon the biggest mishaps that are done during the time of development of blogging news.

The first mishap while blogging news is done in the form of writing more than what is required. This tends to be problematic because of two reasons. Firstly, it makes a person more prone to making grammatical, spelling mistakes and secondly, it can make a person write that extra piece of information that is not usually required in that particular news. For example, if a news blog is to be published where just an extra piece of information will make the entire aspect of the news different, in that case if a person does word padding, he is prone to change the real story line.

Since in news blog, a person is required to post the information that he has gathered from many sources, he creates his own version of blogging news which may not be authentic and reliable to be trusted upon. Moreover, a person may even try to mention his/her perspective in the news blog post which may be taken up by people as a matter of heated discussion and they might put up tough comments against the blogger.

Another blunder made by the blogger is not to update the blogging news. This leaves the readers more prone to reading that information which is old and not regularly updated. For example, in some blast, the number of deaths may be different at the time of blast and 2 days after the blast. Hence it is required to keep the blog post updated.

Clever news bloggers are often seen to link their website pages with RSS subscription feed of many news websites. In this case, they remain updated and hence can provide better results for blogging news than those bloggers who have not subscribed to the RSS feeds of news blogging websites.

To conclude the passage on biggest blunders seen in news blogging, it must be pointed that some bloggers may also take the help of the blogs of the mainstream journalists’ blogs in writing their blogging news. This is not a good idea because every journalist has a different point of view. Hence it is advised to always keep your references limited to newspapers and websites.

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